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Our employer of record services enables organizations to hire employees and run payroll without the need to set up a registered entity. This is applicable for both temporary or permanent employment of local and expatriate employees.

We hire your employees and become their legal Employer of Record, but you maintain all day-to-day control of your team members.

Increase efficiency and stay focused on running your business while we manage payroll, benefits, risk mitigation, compliance, and ongoing employee support.
To outsource Payroll Calculation can be an extremely effective way to achieve strategic operational gains, 100% compliance, and cost savings whereby you add value to your core business. It will help you free up time, reduce your labor and overhead costs while minimizing the compliance and legislative risks.

There is no need to hire a dedicated payroll team as We have developed the tools and skills to deliver high-quality payroll services in Ethiopia and we are here to help.
Covering your staff while operating in Ethiopia is essential. Therefore, we ensure that the best medical insurance is offered to your workers. We work very closely with different insurance companies allowing us to offer the best package to workers to suit the conditions of their assignment.
We have the experience and the procedural knowledge of getting employees and organizations the right assistance when dealing with work and residence permits in Ethiopia.

Our dedicated officers are here to help smoothen your transition to a new work environment.
Why EOR?
An EOR will enable you to reimagine your business and workforce by providing the strategy, expertise, and infrastructure to support your global goals. While empowering businesses in this way is invaluable, an Employer of Record is a more cost-effective alternative than creating your own local entity. An EOR delivers all of this and more without compromising on compliance or employee experience, all without the need for a large HR team.

Why employment outsourcing?
  • No need to register an entity
  • Reduced costs
  • Complete Regulatory Compliance
  • Mitigated Risk
Our extensive range of payroll services include
  • Preparation of monthly payroll report
  • Monthly tax & social contributions
  • Monthly payslips
  • Year-end filing
  • Handling of staff expenses/ disbursements/ reimbursements
  • Handling of medical insurance
  • Calculation of payment to third parties (pension funds, insurance)

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